Choosing Cabinets and Countertops


Interested purchasers should contact their nearest Castle supplier.


Complete estimate sheet, with specific measurements of your cabinet and countertop needs.
Click to Download Estimate Sheet then fax or email it to


From the gallery of color and models, and the links to our suppliers Urban Effects and Belanger, determine what type of cabinets or countertops you wish to purchase.


Optional: provide rough drawing of the floor plan to CON-COR SUPPLY, if you would like us to review your order for completeness.


Determine if you want CON-COR SUPPLY to custom cut countertops to specific lengths or to fit L or U shaped layouts.


Contact Con-Cor, provide the information gathered above, and work with our design specialists to determine your exact needs, and to allow Con-Cor to provide a quotation.


Upon receipt of the Con-Cor quotation, review for accuracy and price, and issue a purchase order to Con-Cor to proceed.

Click to View Quotation Sheet. Print and either fax or email to Con-Cor.